Fair & Ethical Recruitment Standard by AHKMA (FERSA)

FERSA is advocated by Association of Hong Kong Manpower Agencies (AHKMA) and aims to ensure all our registered members are committed to delivering a completely Ethical & Legally compliant manner on the recruitment and employment services.

Since last decade, the practice of our industry has been changed and most of the sending countries are following the global requirement on the more protection of migrant workers (foreign domestic helper – FDH in HK). Unethical recruitment ( e.q. forced labor, human trafficking, violations of human right ) become the root of problems. Hence, Governments, International NGO such as ILO ( International labor Organization), IOM ( International Organization of Migration ) committed to advocate a fair and ethical recruitment processing in a global scale and conduct an Ethical Recruitment framework and assurance labor migrants from the risk of exploitation, labor trafficking and unfair labor practices.

As one of the biggest Association of Hong Kong Manpower Agencies (for foreign domestic helper market – FDH), we should undertake the social responsibility and cope with the global trends and expectation, to improve our competitive edge and sustain a healthy development for foreign domestic helper services in Hong Kong. Hence, the captioned proposal for FAIR & ETHICAL RECRUITMENT STANDARD by AHKMA (FERSA) is suggested to work out initiatively. In line with this, together with our “Harmonious Home” campaign, AHKMA and its members will become a flagship of our industry for implement the ethical recruitment practice and maintain a good favorable status when dealing with all stakeholders inside the market.

For the Hong Kong employer’s view, there are number of tangible benefits available to using the FERSA Registered Member as their employment agency, we encourage public to browse the FERSA Registered Member Directory to find details that have pledged a completely ethical and quality level of service.