Benefit as Registered Member

The following is a list of benefits enjoyed by registered members when they comply with the Fair and Ethical Recruitment Standard by AHKMA (FERSA)

  1. Affirm registered members commitment to ethical, responsible, and transparent recruitment practices and corporate social responsibility
  2. Earning this status demonstrates a commitment to self-regulation and recognition of the economic benefits that stem from conducting business within a framework of social responsibility.
  3. Gain recognition among a wide range of stakeholders.
  4. FERSA is the first agreement to be drafted by a group of stakeholders. Registered Members agree to adhere to the Codes are recognized by : ILO
  5.  Serve as an industry leader by engaging in our monitoring process.
  6. FERSA have an independent panel of Central Management Team verification system that differs from other agencies with their internal code of ethics.
  7. Improve the quality of recruitment and client confidence in your organization.
  8. Active monitoring allows continually feedback on the quality of the recruitment process. All job seeks have no doubt whether need to burden a huge amount of debt or become a forced labor when they intend to work in Hong Kong. This practices which lead to higher job satisfaction, reduced turnover rates and equates to cost-savings for the employer.