Assistance Action Centre ( AAC)

Introduction of Assistance Action Centre (AAC)

On May 26 2016, Association of Hong Kong Manpower Agencies Ltd (AHKMA) and Society of Hong Kong Accredited Recruiters of the Philippines (SHARP) signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to address problems faced by the Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDHs) in Hong Kong through formulating and implementing joint programs that will enhance the protection and welfare of the FHDs. One of such joint programs is the Assistance Action Centre (AAC).

Assistance Action Centre (AAC) is set up to serve as a 24 hours secondary emergency support system for FDHs who need emergency assistance but are unable to get the immediate response they need from their own agencies in Philippines or in Hong Kong.

Program Details

  1. Contact information
  • During the departure orientation, an AAC information kit will be provided to the FDHs.
  • Should they need any emergency assistance and are unable to contact their agencies in Philippines or Hong Kong, they are urged to contact AAC at (852) 96044144 via the 24 hours WhatsApp messaging hotline for immediate assistance.
  • FDH will need to provide the following information on the message
    i. Name
    ii. Name of their Hong Kong and Philippines agency (accredited agency)
    iii. Nature of emergency
  • Upon receipt of the message, personnel on duty will attend to the matter immediately.
  1. Emergency Shelter
  • If needed, AAC will provide immediate temporary shelter service to the FDHs until their Hong Kong agency is contacted and arrangement is made for the FDHs to be picked up.
  1. Legal assistance
  • AAC will provide legal assistance to FDHs should the need arises.


Guidelines of the AAC service

  • AAC will be first launched as a pilot program serving the FDHs who are deployed under the members of AHKMA or SHARP over a one year period. During this period, the program will be closely studied with periodic progress reporting which will allow us to continue to work together and make changes to improve the program. Ultimately, it is our goal to offer AAC service to all FDHs in the near future.
  • FDHs should always contact their Philippines and/or Hong Kong agencies first in times of emergency while AAC is available as their secondary emergency contact.
  • FDHs should be fully aware that they have to be deployed through an accredited agency (both Philippines and Hong Kong side) in order to seek emergency assistance through AAC.
  • AAC may release FDH information to a third party for further assistance such as Philippines General Consulate of HKSAR, Hong Kong Police Force, Department of Immigration etc.
  • AAC is a secondary backup system formulated by AHKMA & SHARP on a voluntary basis. Both associations will not be held liable for any legal responsibility seeking this service.
  • Shelter service only provides a temporary accommodation for the FDHs in need. While at the shelter, FDHs shall strictly follow the living rules and regulations.