AHKMA & SHARP – Code of Conduct Ceremonial Signing

In Chairman’s Teresa Liu’s address, she opened with the introduction of the Hong Kong Labour Department Code of Practice (COP) which was implemented a few years ago and had urged members to comply with the COP.

At the invitation of International Labor Organization (ILO), members of AHKMA (Hong Kong Agencies) and SHARP (Philippines Recruiters) underwent a Fair Recruitment Training held in Manila in November 2017 supported by the FAIR project. The result is the production of a joint and voluntary Code of Conduct (COC) that is truly the first in the industry.

Chairman Liu strongly believed that having this COC which is supported by ILO, the Philippines Consulate General, the Philippines Overseas Labour Office (POLO) and Hong Kong Labour Department will further enhance the professionalism and service quality in our trade. Moving forward, AHKMA will undertake the promotion and the monitoring of members under the COC so employers will more faith in the agencies and attain helpers’ confidence on these qualified agencies.

Lastly, Chairman Liu thanked all parties in joining this momentous occasion and that will look forward to the new page of employment service.

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